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Hi Guys,

I was born and raised in Perth Australia. My journey in the hospitality industry started when I was 16. I started to work in hotels while I completed my degree in cookery. I was working alongside a lot of Asian Chefs which sparked my passion for Asian Cuisine.

After qualifying as a chef, I had moved to London to pursue my career at the Berkeley Hotel in Mayfair London. Working there was next level for me - dealing day in & day out with celebrities! That experience has taught me a lot about holding a high standard for everything that I do in the kitchen.

After that I moved to Vancouver Canada and started at Shangri-La Hotel where restaurant "Market" was operated by chef Jan George and I was cooking Asian inspired food. I enjoyed my time there and had learned as much as possible.

But soon it was time again for a change so I thought I would move to the country which is famous for "cheese & potatoes" - the Netherlands :) I was very fortunate to get offered a job at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam just after it opened its doors. I had the role of working in the meeting & events department doing private dinners and cocktail parties for weddings etc.

However, after more than 15 years in the hotel industry, I thought it was time to start my own little business. All of a sudden, I have found myself looking at food trucks. Within a couple of months Sublime Food Company was set up in 2014 and I had started with markets, private events & corporate catering. Over the time I got my regulars :)  I have also been contacted by some large companies such as Tesla and Nike to start doing a couple days on their locations for the staff lunches which has become a fantastic outcome as well with loads of positive feedback and long queues. It is the dream of a food-truck owner, right?! 

While that was all going on, I have been approached to help to do the opening at the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam following its a major renovation and their restaurant Jansz. It has always been a soft spot of mine to put my foot back into the hotel world and I agreed to do it for 4 week only which turned in to 4 years of freelance work to fill up my quite days. I loved every moment of it with a fantastic team and enjoyed working during some great events like the Prinsengracht Concert and King's Day etc.

The demand for my food has become stronger and stronger overtime and I have decided to open this small little shop in Hilversum with encouragement of my followers. I’m looking forward to full time cooking the food that I love and the locals to taste and experience it. I am also looking forward to meeting you all in the store soon... My Dutch is not the best, but I hope together we can make it much better by time 😉 Tot zo!

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